Omgivning the Developer

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Introducing Omgivning’s New Office and the Launch of söm co-space

In 2023, Omgivning embarked on its most exciting, complex, and personal project to date: a small mixed-use development project in which they are the developers for their new Omgivning home as well the creation of a new industry-based co-working company called söm co-space (Swedish for a “seam” to mean to come together). Located at 1301 N. Broadway in north Chinatown, Omgivning repurposed and reinvigorated a seemingly nondescript building, embodying the principles that have guided their work for the last 13 years: interconnectedness, sustainability, and human-centered design. It allows Omgivning to do what they do best, uncover potential, this time for themselves.

An ideal Omgivning project, söm allows designers, architects, developers, and anyone involved in the built environment to do their best and most inspirational work, creating an example for future projects. This work includes:

Creating healthy, sustainable, and beautiful environments Cultivating good design to bring more value Evolving, growing, and learning with each other and through their craft And building thriving communities.

This new project has seen Omgivning expanding into new realms within the architecture and development lifecycle: as a developer, an entrepreneur, and a designer.

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Omgivning the Designer

Omgivning Garden People Meeting Söm

First and foremost, the design of söm focuses on changing and redefining what it means to work in an office. Before COVID, the office was where you worked and that was the primary function. Socializing happened on the fringes. At söm, this concept is turned upside down. With a focus on human-centered design, the focus is on collaborating and engaging with people, something you can’t do when working remotely. Staff and members will still find a variety of workspaces at söm but with the added benefit of socializing in the space with like-minded colleagues and participating in convenings and gatherings with other industry professionals. som omgivning meeting group When Omgivning started designing söm, the team also wanted to embrace biophilia and reinforce a connection to nature. There was a strong desire to create a calm atmosphere for those entering, so the entry sequence starts with a garden path. The original building only had small windows at the top of the south wall, limiting views and daylight. The team listened to the building through design and knew the building would benefit immensely by carving into it and enlarging windows on the east and south sides for more daylight. Located on the outskirts of Chinatown, the project resides in a quieter urban neighborhood (for now). Opening up the space with windows and views is a respectful way of being a good neighbor and seeking to engage more with the community.

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Goodbye 5th & Spring - An Ode to Our Former Office

Omgivning Headquarters old door neon

In 2010, Omgivning moved into the Corporation Building at 724 S. Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles Historic Core. It was the perfect location for an adaptive reuse specialized architecture firm, where we were mere blocks away from nearly all of our projects. Part of our mission is revitalization, and working in the thick of the revitalization was a no-brainer.

Omgivning Headquarters conference office old

Glimpses of old walls were left on the concrete floor as we opened up the space. We went from one conference room to five, the kitchen and printer area moved three times, and going from no restrooms (they were shared in the stairwell) to building two.

Omgivning Headquarters light wall

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Alta Roundtable: The Great Reset

Alta Karin alta Cover

Alta Magazine inteviews Karin on the Future of Coworking Space Design

Alta Journal organized a virtual roundtable with the heads of three prominent California-based design firms: our very own, Karin Liljegren, David Galullo, the CEO and chief creative officer of San Francisco–based Rapt Studio, and Primo Orpilla, the principal and cofounder of S.F.-based Studio O+A. Their prognosis: you’ll be more productive—and happier to see your colleagues—than ever before.

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Hybrid Workspaces with Hybrid Workspaces Natural Evolution Omgivning

NorCal's diverse community of transportation, HR, Facilities, and Operations professionals attended’s three-day Annual Symposium for 2021, Natural Evolution: Thriving Hybrid Workplaces. We have learned much in the past year about our interconnectedness, and where we work is no exception. The symposium consisted of a line up of speakers who took us upstream to the latest insights on where workplaces are headed with an evolution in commuting.

On Wednesday, April 21, 2021, Omgivning Project Manager, Brianne Hunter presented Hybrid Workspaces. She explains how space design is entering a whole new post-pandemic era, exploring the potential of this design evolution, and examining the implications for workplaces. She discusses the fundamental human needs in workplace environments and explores the concepts of flexibility and adaptability in the built environment.

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Omgivning Lookbook: Volume 1

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This collection of design projects highlights Omgivning’s Interior Design work, celebrating our collaborations with local fabricators and the pleasure we take in designing the details.  Texture, form, color, light, and historic fabric make a place feel whole, contributing to the human experience.

See how we transformed the rooftop and lobby of a former warehouse-turned-loft building in Hollywood. We chose a fresh, bright palette to complement new landscape, furniture, and a few fun custom pieces by local fabricators.

Browse our work in the historic CalEdison Building. We've highlighted some of our favorite custom pieces blending the building’s art deco style with modern-day needs.

All of this and a lot more interior design and adaptive reuse architecture projects, in this lookbook. Flip through Omgivning Lookbook Volume 1 for a complete look at our workplace, multifamily, and hospitality designs.

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Finding Inspiration in the Struggle: Bisnow on Our Workplace Charrette

Bisnow Team

The design features of where we work (and how) have never been more discussed than they are today. Our founding principal spoke with Bisnow about how architects are making the best of a tough situation by anticipating the future of adaptable and safe workplaces.

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