Finding Inspiration in the Struggle: Bisnow on Our Workplace Charrette

Bisnow Team

The design features of where we work (and how) have never been more discussed than they are today. Our founding principal spoke with Bisnow about how architects are making the best of a tough situation by anticipating the future of adaptable and safe workplaces.

Omgivning founder and principal Karin Liljegren is keeping a positive mindset.

Liljegren founded her company during the last recession to help companies redesign their space. Ten years later, the coronavirus has sparked the start of another downturn, and much commercial real estate space has turned upside down.

She said she is aiming to help again. "A recession is the perfect time to rethink about what you can do with your building. You may not take a big leap forward but you may need that early analysis," she said.

Last week, the American Institute of Architects released its Architecture Billings Index report, which surveys more than 750 architecture firms nationwide.

It awards scores based on business being done, with anything below 50 indicating a decrease. March billings scored a 33.3. New project inquiries and design contracts scores dropped dramatically, posting scores of 23.8 and 27.1, respectively, according to the report.

As many of her current projects have stalled, Liljegren said she and her team at Omgivning have created design charrettes, or design workshop examples, as a way to generate more business.

Omgivning is not alone. As architecture firms brace for the financial ramifications of the coronavirus, many are creating new design concepts that include social distancing guidelines, design trends and other potential health protocols to prepare clients to navigate the coronavirus and post-coronavirus environment.

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