Omgivning the Entrepreneur

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Omgivning the Entrepreneur

Söm is a Swedish word for “seam.” By definition, it is a place where separate pieces are connected or joined together. Söm is also now a shared workspace community for like-minded folks involved in creating built environments.

By founding söm co-space, Omgivning steps into another new role: that of entrepreneur. As a founder and operator of this new business, Omgivning will expand from an architecture and design firm to include a coworking company.

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Why do this? Of course, the new pandemic reality has created a need for more hybrid workspaces, as detailed in the firm’s 2020 white paper. Beyond that, Omgivning has always been interested in bringing people together, through the spaces they design, the advocacy they champion, and the great parties they host. Only now, they have the chance to reinvent how and why they — and others — come together.

Söm isn't simply a coworking space with shared amenities like a kitchen and conference room; it's an initiative aimed at empowering individuals and small businesses. Through Omgivning, it fosters a vibrant community of businesses that mutually educate, offering a wealth of resources via an extensive materials library, administrative and IT services, and streamlined office systems that typically burden smaller companies. This initiative also introduces a shared space designed to potentially combine staff, cultivate opportunities for compelling project collaborations and partnerships, and, naturally, facilitate enjoyable social gatherings.

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