Open for Business: Interstellar, Our Newest Restaurant Project

Interstellar Omgivning Bethany Nauert 4

Introducing our latest project: Interstellar!

Opening a restaurant isn't easy, no matter the timing. Opening one right now takes serious courage—and support. Located in a prime site in Santa Monica, they've not only launched, they’re up and running for takeout and delivery!

We recommend the branzino ochazuke with a drink from their excellent beer selection.

Interstellar 3

Interstellar's owners—a Korean American couple with extensive experience in restaurants and cafes—came to us with a vision drawn from dual cultures. Using Korean and American culinary influences like stars in a constellation, they wanted to build a restaurant that was “between the stars.”

This notion of the interstellar, along with the Pacific just outside, led to a design concept that feels both coastal and cosmic, with handmade terracotta tiles, abundant greenery, reflective finishes and subtly iridescent elements.

Interstellar 4

The super-versatile seating was designed to accommodate a dining program that requires seamless transitions from morning coffee to lunch plates to evening dinner. We used Concrete Collaborative’s large marble-chip terrazzo for the dining tables, which, along with the wall mounted tables and retail shelving, were fabricated by Base Collaborative.

Interstellar 1

Interstellar 5

Our team coordinated with MEP engineers and food service consultants for a new open kitchen. We also provided key brand direction for the website as well as the logo (created by PlayGrnd), and signage throughout.

You might also want to consider Interstellar’s selection of merchandise available in their shop. That camp mug is great!

Our Collaborators
Contractor: Global Construction Services
Structural: Nous Engineering
MEP: Russell Holland Engineering
Food Service: Clay Enterprises
Graphics: PlayGrnd
Tables and Shelving: Base Collaborative
Photography: Bethany Nauert
Architecture, Interiors, Restaurant Design, Revitalization