Hybrid Workspaces with Hybrid Workspaces Natural Evolution Omgivning

NorCal's diverse community of transportation, HR, Facilities, and Operations professionals attended’s three-day Annual Symposium for 2021, Natural Evolution: Thriving Hybrid Workplaces. We have learned much in the past year about our interconnectedness, and where we work is no exception. The symposium consisted of a line up of speakers who took us upstream to the latest insights on where workplaces are headed with an evolution in commuting.

On Wednesday, April 21, 2021, Omgivning Project Manager, Brianne Hunter presented Hybrid Workspaces. She explains how space design is entering a whole new post-pandemic era, exploring the potential of this design evolution, and examining the implications for workplaces. She discusses the fundamental human needs in workplace environments and explores the concepts of flexibility and adaptability in the built environment.

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