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Spectrum News 1 Socal interviewed our founder Karin Liljegren on Reimagining Spaces, our post pandemic urban design report.

“I just love the vitality here. You know, the people are just real,” Liljegren said. “We’ve got to bring downtown Los Angeles back, though, because it's in pretty sad shape right now.”

Spectrum News's Kristopher Gee talks to Karin about how design can change for the better post-COVID in the workplace, multifamily buildings, and reprogramming underutilized commercial buildings.

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Under the pandemic, downtown Los Angeles, which had been experiencing a boom, is now seeing a dramatic slowdown as more people work from home. Liljegren, however, saw it as an opportunity to find solutions to long-held problematic issues of human interaction in urban spaces.

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This piece ran all over Southern California for Spectrum Cable subscribers on October 21,2020.

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