Fight on for Facemasks: How We Can Tackle COVID-19

face mask

If you’ve got access to a 3D printer, you might consider joining the huge effort underway to fabricate facemasks for use at USC’s Keck School of Medicine, which is treating COVID-19 patients. The masks they're making are shown pre-assembled above.

Omgivning is supporting #operationPPE through one of our designers, Shahr Razi (at left), who’s part of a massive and growing team of fabricators devoting time and resources to the critical shortage of N95-level masks. OperationPPE ("personal protective equipment") was launched in late March by Cornell University architecture professor Jenny Sabin; in LA, the effort has been spearheaded by Alvin Huang, a USC architecture professor (who happens to have an office in the same building as ours).

It was so inspiring to watch the effort expand from a handful of professors and students to a huge swath of employees at design firms across Southern California and beyond.

Sign up through the AIA LA's form here.

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