• We're solid sports fans! The gang went to the last regular season game for the Clippers at crypto.com arena. Go Clips!
    A group of us also cheered on the Dodgers and were witness to Shohei Ohtani's first home run as a Dodger! (The camera couldn't handle the elated celebration.) Go Dodgers!

    VIP seating thanks to our friends at Spectra and Swinerton.

  • The team took a jobwalk of the nearly completed Harbor House in San Pedro, CA. A former YMCA turned multi-family living in a 100 year-old building.

  • The team takes a construction jobwalk tour of the Lane Building on the corner of Spring St. and 8th St. in Downtown Los Angeles.

  • The City of West Hollywood's symposium on POPS & PARTS focused on the transformative power of public and private spaces in our rapidly changing urban landscape.

    POPS, or Privately-Owned Public Spaces, have become a unique feature of American cities. These creatively designed areas prioritize public use and enjoyment, offering a multitude of social, cultural, and economic benefits to individuals, businesses, and the community as a whole. By blending seamlessly with nature and occupying small footprints, they also contribute to the restoration of threatened ecosystems.

    Omgiving's Karin Liljegren shared insights and projects that focused on transforming the urban landscape with a focus on nature and community.

  • Originally the Case Hotel, we had a project retirement celebration for the completion of the DTLA Proper Hotel. After eight short years, we capped off an evening on the rooftop with drinks and dulce de leche. At the helm were Morgan Sykes Jaybush and Jonathan Giffin leading the project team. Job well done, everyone!

  • Before grand opening of the Proper Hotel (2021) in DTLA, we take a tour to see final pieces of our work being put together.

  • Our 2021 Staff Holiday party at OM Home, celebrating our team with a Secret Tomte (Swedish Elves/Gnomes) gift exchange and drinking hot glögg

  • Three of our projects, all within walking distance, were opening this year. The Omgivning team took this opportunity to give clients a walking tour of all of our newly opened buildings 7MAIN, The Proper Hotel, and FABRIC. It all culminated with tacos and drinks on the DTLA Proper Hotel rooftop.

  • When our friends at Nous Engineering invited us to join their beer-brewing competition, we decided to make a citrusy IPA using hand-picked local orange peels. We called it OM ÖL, using the Swedish word for ale. The result wasn’t just delicious, it was very on-brand! Yukie made an incredible woodblock for the logo and the label text felt pretty realistic. We bottled enough to toast our efforts a while later on our building's rooftop.

  • Thinking back with affection on our 2019 holiday party, which we held within a project site of ours, the Trust Building in downtown LA. What a cozy time it was!

  • We're so fond of the Rendon Hotel in the Arts District that we had our holiday party there in 2018.

  • Breaking down how our logo works: it's three shapes interacting with each other. We worked with Yummy Colours on this rebrand and the design of our website, and with Elliot Robinson on the logo animation. Site development is by Bean.

  • Ernie, Base, Darwin, Roxy (RIP), Rocky (also RIP).

  • In 2018, Morgan was recognized by the City of LA for his years of work on the Bringing Back Broadway initiative.

  • Maybe you already thought of Ernie as a star? Well, this article makes it official.

  • Came across some original blueprints for the CalEdison, from when it was home to the Southern California Edison Company.

  • In 1987, U2 was pretty much the biggest band in the world when they took over an intersection just north of our office for a semi-impromptu rooftop concert. You can see our projects Dearden's and Hotel Cecil, AND our office, in this incredible video.

  • Our winningest interiors project is currently Don Francisco's Casa Cubana, in downtown's Spring Arcade Building. In 2018, the project won top honors from the LA Business Council, the IIDA, and the AIA LA. For that last one, we won the People's Choice Award for restaurant design, as accepted by Norella Carboni during the Dwell on Design conference. Thanks to our clients, the Gaviña family, for being such great collaborators!

  • Many years ago, in response to a call for content by HGTV, we made some videos showing the design work Karin had put into her downtown loft. This one is of her son, Arik. None of this went to air, but Arik’s squeaky kid-voice lives on forever.

  • Our 2018 staff retreat took us up the coast for 3 days in Big Sur. Highlight: a roving potluck across our four campsites! Hearst Castle is okay too.

  • Our office got a tour of the LA Times' downtown printing facility before the Times moved to El Segundo in 2018.

  • We had our 2017 Holiday Party at a brand-new project of ours for Don Francisco's Coffee, in the Spring Arcade Building.

  • From our 2016 staff retreat to Joshua Tree.

  • Incredible porte-cochère at Bullock's Wilshire, seen on a tour we scored for the office.

  • That time in 2015 when we won the AIA's Emerging Practice award and tried (not very hard) not to get obscenely excited.

  • Karin Liljegren was one of the prime movers in the effort known as Bringing Back Broadway, covered by NBC LA back in 2013.