About Omgivning
At Omgivning, we are placemakers and creative problem-solvers. We breathe new life into urban spaces by designing environments that bring people together amid warmth and vitality.

In Swedish, omgivning means environment, ambience or the way a space feels. Our work is rooted in a love for the extraordinary urban fabric of downtown Los Angeles.

We started this firm in 2009, as the recession was threatening to halt downtown’s resurgence. Our mission was to bring downtown Los Angeles from disuse to purpose by carving new spaces from old high-rises, warehouses, theaters, department stores and more. Today, our studio has grown to occupy an entire floor in an old tower in downtown’s Historic Core, and we are extending our revitalization capacities to neighborhoods much farther afield. Our architecture and interior design portfolio now has almost 350 projects, from small local cafes to a two-million square foot historic landmark. We create new, programmatically rich hotels, multi-family housing, restaurants, bars, creative offices and theaters, as well as custom furniture for projects by us and by others.

We begin our projects by designing from the inside out. We listen to each site to learn how we can give an authentic form and life to future uses. We examine each project’s history, nuances, challenges and opportunities and align the client's goals with the neighborhood’s history, aesthetics, current uses and growth patterns.

Working this way requires that we focus on two scales: the human and the urban.

As humanists, we celebrate the details that give meaning to our lives. Texture, form, color, time and light become cues for engagement. Together they tie us to a space and to our neighbors, and invite us to experience the pleasures of eating, living and working. As urbanists, we see our projects as points in a larger network of social and cultural activity. Drawing on our extensive connections and collaborations, we work to amplify local histories, support current uses and enable future traditions and objectives. Our core goal as designers is to encourage the interplay of human and urban scales.

Complementing our design approach, we possess an agile, highly specialized understanding of the complex rules governing work on new or existing and often historic structures. Through our understanding of today’s codes and our collective knowledge of budgeting, process and construction, we help clients attain their fullest vision for each space.

We combine our design approach with our technical expertise and together we bring out the unique character of existing buildings, saturate new spaces with the familiar, and engage with the forces that shape today’s neighborhoods and cities.


Drawing Production and Permitting Conversion of existing buildings into new uses:
  • + Updating / Redesigning Existing Spaces
  • + Drawing Production and Permitting
  • + Roof gardens / Pools
  • + Historic facade & Interior Rehabilitation / Restoration
  • + Apartments / Stores / Restaurants / Nightclubs/ Hotels / Public Places
  • + Interior Design
  • + Furniture Design